The trade show opens first thing each morning and will remain open thru the prime time sale. Whether you’re looking for team uniforms, shock absorbers, a complete engine, new chassis or just tips to improve your racing operation, you’ll find what you need at these trade shows. The admission to the trade show is included in your admission to the auction sale. Arrive early and stay late!

Arrive early, sign-up for a free bidder’s card and pick-up a free catalog. All items (lots) are numbered and displayed so you can inspect them before the bidding starts. Bring lots of cash so you are ready to buy through the auction and from the many trade show exhibitors who will have displays. And be sure to bring a truck and trailer big enough to haul your purchases home. Applicable state sales tax will be charged.

All Auction Sales Terms and Conditions – Each auction requires CASH, cashiers check or travelers check. Personal and Business Checks will not be accepted. VISA, MasterCard, American Express are accepted. There is a 5% buyers premium on all sales in Illinois and Wisconsin. There is an additional 5% fee on all credit card sales. Iowa sales will have a flat 10% buyers premium. Please come financially prepared to settle for your purchases. Applicable state sales tax will be charged.

Arrive early so you have plenty of time to inspect all of the items which will be auctioned. Register for a free bidder’s card and then pick up an auction catalog listing many of the items by ‘lot’ number to be sold. Bring lots of money!

Be prepared to transport your purchases. We suggest bringing your hauler, Trailer, or truck because at every auction people see items they would bid on if only he or she had the transportation along with them to get it home.

All items in the auction are assigned ‘lot’ numbers. Parts and small articles get a plain number, larger rolling stock (like race cars, haulers, trailers, etc.) are assigned ‘C-lot’ numbers, and unmounted, new tires are ‘T-lot’ numbers. When possible, talk to the consignor (former owner) to find out the condition and history of those items. Have other qualified people look at the item;, get several opinions. The items will generally be sold in lot number order.

C-lots will sell beginning at Noon Saturday. Make a note of the lot numbers of those items you are interested in bidding on and you can determine the approximate time to be in the bidding grandstand. Lowest numbers sell first. All lot numbers are systematically brought before the auction block and the bidder’s grandstand, described, and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Make yourself noticed when bidding. DON’T HIDE OR HESITATE as the auctioneers can only spend a short time on each item.

All items auctioned are sold ‘as-is’ and without guarantee. In the preview & inspection area, take time to thoroughly inspect all items you’re interested in before they pass thru the auction.

Once you are the successful bidder, you are obligated to pay for and take the item. Pay for your purchases at the cashier’s office, then pick up your items at the impound (storage) area. All items must be removed from the building within three hours of the end of the sale on the event’s last day.

The Midwest MotorSports Racer’s Auctions are great opportunities to buy high performance equipment for your racing operation at a fraction of the cost. Hundreds of items will be auctioned every hour throughout the auction.